Usually one of the drives will fail during operation. Miscellaneous Manufacturer SanDisk Sony Linux incompatible Hardware If you cannot find the right driver for your device, you can request the driver. Supported Parallel Port devices

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Models and later are supported by the paride driver.

Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO |

An FTP archive can be found at here. This can be found at here. The item for sale is of the third generation of Aztech sound cards, using the AZT processor. A standerd interface defined for all devices in a computer.

There is no risk of installing the wrong driver. There plks various compatibility problems with audio CD playing utilities. Digital Camera Currently there are five programs which can be used in combination with digital cameras. The drivers can be downloaded under the software download area at Creative’s web site.


The old NexGen processors are also supported. For more information, see the Video for Linux resources page. Kernel Framebuffer fbdev The kernel supports a graphical console on some video cards.

Acer Sound / Audio Drivers Download

Supported Parallel Port devices Most cards on this list have been there for a very long time, so please do not send me email just to ask if their status has changed. Information plud be found at here.

Compatible Brand see all. Notes on proprietary drivers You p,us scan for driver updates automatically with the FREE version of the Driver Update Utility for Acer, and complete all necessary driver updates using the premium version.

Starting with kernel 1. More refinements More refinements The package can be found at xcdroast. Note that only the “host” card needs to be configured using soundconf. Automatic driver updates are fast, efficient and elimate all the guesswork.

We will find it for you. Also make sure to use a recent firmware for RAID 5, since older firmware revisions and older versions of the driver can cause data corruption when a RAID 5 array runs degraded.


Each file type has a slighty different installation procedure to follow. Add some laptop notes. Below a list of devices reported as being Linux incompatible will be given. The correct version will be downloaded and installed acermagci. Custom Bundle see all. Controllers SCSI 36 9. Controllers hard drive 32 8. Add a couple of line to RC.

Basically IDE over a much smaller cable. Double-click on the program to run it. Thanks to Ivan Passos at Cyclades for the update.

Isapnptools should be used for configuration.