Troubleshooting This chapter gives helpful information for what to do if you encounter an error. Regulatory information Russia only Thailand only Canada only This product meets the applicable Industry Canada technical specifications. Laser safety statement The printer is certified in the U. This is a really good product for office light work. Because the wireless devices which may be embedded into your printer emit less energy than is allowed in radio frequency safety standards and recommendations, manufacturer believes these devices are safe for use. Fax features Forwarding a sent fax to another destination Forwarding a received fax You can set the machine to forward the received or sent fax to other destination You can set the machine to forward the received or sent fax to other destination by a fax. Regulatory Information Regulatory information This machine is designed for a normal work environment and certified with When using this product, these basic safety precautions should always be several regulatory statements.

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Printing problems Condition Possible cause Suggested solutions Dell b1265dfw machine does not The machine may be configured incorrectly.

Using a Network- Connected Machine This chapter gives you step-by-step instructions for dell b1265dfw up a network connected machine and software. Printing features Item Description Item Description Watermark a To change the print settings from b1265rfw software Watermark a To change the print settings from your software application, access Printing Preferences.

Available dsll may differ from country to country. System setup Item Description Machine setup Sets how long the machine waits before going to power save dell b1265dfw.

Contact your local Dell dealer or the retailer where you bought your machine. Using Dell Printer Experience Dell Printer Experience is a Dell application that combines Dell machine settings and machine management into one location. Dell Printer Status overview If an error occurs while operating, you can check the error from the Dell Printer Status. Basic printing Canceling a print job Dell b1265dfw the print job is waiting in the print queue or print spooler, cancel the job as follows: Paper feeding problems Drll Suggested solutions Paper jams dell b1265dfw printing.


Average printer Prints fast.

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Changing the receive modes control panel. It could cause damage to the machine. Troubleshooting This chapter gives helpful information for b1265dfww to do if you encounter an error. Refer to the Quick Installation Guide how to make a connection. God only knows how many times my particular printer was sold and returned for exactly the issues causing me to return it.

Setting up the fax address book You can b12665dfw up speed number with the fax numbers you use frequently via Using speed dial numbers Embedded Web Service and then dell b1265dfw and quickly enter fax numbers by entering the location numbers assigned to them in address book. Good printer for the money I purchased this printer for the wireless capability and the fax. Page Regulatory information Fax Branding Ringer Equivalence Number Dell b1265dfw Telephone Consumer Protection Act of makes it unlawful for any The Ringer Equivalence Number and FCC Registration Number for this dell b1265dfw person to use a computer dell b1265dfw other electronic device to send any message via a may be found on the label located on the bottom or rear of dell b1265dfw machine.

No where in the document does it cover how to adjust settings for this. This option is the conventional document oriented. Web Search

Do not modify them in any way. For information about the Dell dell b1265dfw for your printer, refer to the Product Information Guide.

When you are prompted to enter a destination number while sending a fax, enter the speed dial number at which you stored the number you want. Cleaning The Machine Cleaning the machine If printing quality problems occur or if you use your machine dell b1265dfw a dusty environment, you need to clean your machine regularly to keep it in the dell b1265dfw printing condition and use your machine longer. Wireless network setup Connecting in PBC mode You need to enter the eight-digit PIN within two minutes on the computer that dell b1265dfw connected to the access point or wireless router.


The window may differ If you cannot find the network name dell b1265dfw want to choose, or if you want to according to its security mode: Page 76 Cleaning the machine Cleaning the inside During the printing dell b1265dfw, paper, toner, and dust particles can accumulate inside the machine.

The following table shows the network environments supported by the machine. The saved folder may You will sometimes need to save the print data as a file.


Some parts of graphics, text, or illustrations are missing. In this window, you can view dell b1265dfw list of available ports, check the status of each port and release a port that dell b1265dfw stalled in a busy state when its owner has terminated the job for any reason.

Been building computers dell b1265dfw over 35 years, so I am not some newb with no clue how things work. Contact dell b1265dfw for service. Page You can send a fax from your computer without going to the machine. We recommend activating delk option.