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No Tomorrow / Momentum EP.mp3

No Tomorrow / Momentum EP
No Tomorrow / Momentum EP
No Tomorrow / Momentum EP

Music Details
Name No Tomorrow / Momentum EP.mp3
Uploader Selladoor
ON 2014-08-20 12:21:57
Genre Selladoor
Duration 03:47
Size 8.83 MB
Type Audio
BitRate 128kpbs
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Total Play 139
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Description Selladoor - No Tomorrow Credits & Lyrics: Music: Mequisto Drum: Tino Küng Saxophone: Manuel Schwab Mix/Mastering: Tino Küng Camera: Simon Marti Lyrics: I’ll have no more, have no more this is my very last drink I’ve got to go, got to go because the sky is darkening I’ve got plans, I’ve got plans, I’ve got work to do man I’ve got to leave, got to leave got to....ah fuck it You’ve got one life so enjoy it for once just live for the moment do what you want yes do what you want and live in a world where you don’t grow old some things happen once in a lifetime get involved stop watching from the sidelines maybe there’s good things out there waiting for you don’t think you’ll be wasting your time.... If you say You have no time doesn’t mean that you haven’t Now is the time To forget about the sorrows Don’t think about tomorrow Enjoy everything Like there is no tomorrow There is only today now we can do it for the first time don’t need to hide it confidently walking the right way highly inspired by selladoor excitement moving towards happiness and faith don’t be late get your ass out of the dirt today hey don’t you want to be happy just once in a lifetime get yourself ready now is the right time jumping up, falling down, starting up, crying aloud we set up a street gang hand in hand there’s no way to get back tomorrow never comes we’re flash and smack all the people doing nothing for the rest of the day only telling us they have no time That’s what I’m talking about People are always busy If you feel like having a drink Get yourself a drink then And have fun, have the most cheerful time Now! so turn up the volume and dance
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