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Walking The Lonely Road / Momentum EP.mp3

Walking The Lonely Road / Momentum EP
Walking The Lonely Road / Momentum EP
Walking The Lonely Road / Momentum EP

Music Details
Name Walking The Lonely Road / Momentum EP.mp3
Uploader Selladoor
ON 2014-08-20 12:34:39
Genre Selladoor
Duration 04:24
Size 10.23 MB
Type Audio
BitRate 128kpbs
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Total Play 268
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Description CREDITS & LYRICS music: mequisto vocals: mequisto, rob-t drum: tino küng mix/master: tino küng camera: simon marti selladoor - walking the lonely road I would like to tell you that I do take notice I would like to tell you what I think about it but I don't think it should be now cause now I can't talk, I can't speak - Sometimes we don't speak even when things happen It's a human disease we should talk, but we clam up Blocked inside of us maybe we should write down on paper Spread out the words, instead we'll talk later We feel great in one way to just relax For the moment it's ok, we don't look back Hard to say something now, come on give it a try Maybe once I wish someone had told me it's a good life - I see you falling I hear your loud scream I can see you're lost in the side street but I can't help you 'cause I got no time I turn away and hope you'll be fine I see you struggling with your heavy load I can see you walking the lonely road but I can't help you 'cause I've got no time I turn away and hope you'll be fine - we don't see each other daily that don't make it easy with every new goodbye I tell myself maybe next time but now it's been too long, no getting through I'm sure someone else is there for you - some people call you tramps, I call you homeless people I see poor appearance others just see evil You search for shelter and you beg for money People pass by even though they say sorry Sorry about doing nothing, even me sometimes I'm wondering What you're thinking, while you're sitting (there) or if you're cheating Even if I feel sorry when I do nothing Just a quick smile but I continue walking - - sure I'm not good at talking when it's difficult I always hope problems will be washed away by some miracle and why don't someone else do the donkey work, shit maybe I'm just not the right guy to have a word with and I know they see what I see, how you're reeling I know they feel what I feel about your feelings the right words and moment we are seeking, who'll be speaking? too many days have passed yet the numbers keep increasing - don't you know these nights lying in bed full of thoughts worried about all the things you should have said -- yes of course remember the fear of relationship and you didn't say one word or the fate of something you would like to reverse the times you were sad and nobody cared about you and the rhymes I wrote but sadly never shared with you or the girl you once loved but were too shy to talk to and now it's too late, so you miss the moment to share the truth
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