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-4 llegal.mp3

-4 llegal
-4 llegal
-4 llegal

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Name -4 llegal.mp3
Uploader Razteria
ON 2012-02-12 03:14:32
Genre Reggae
Duration 04:46
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Type Audio
BitRate 128kpbs
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Description Razteria, an international female fronted Latin, Reggae & Rock band based in the San Francisco Bay Area EPK: Press Quotes "Razteria is a marvel of roots, conscious message, alma latina, femenina genuina, and musicality." (Corey Mason, World One Radio & Festival) "Latin roots, reggae riddims, activist intent and strong female vocals (...). Soulful, rock-solid and recommended " (Chuck Foster, Reggae Central, 90.7FM KPFK, Los Angeles) "Infused with messages of justice, love and political awareness, maneuvered into brilliant lyrics, layered over uplifting Reggae beats, in which Asteria's vocals are heavenly and infectious. Razteria is a musical utopia (...)" (Carla Ramos, East Bay Loop) "An exciting twist on traditional reggae with tracks radiating activism. Asteria explores Reggae, Folk-rock and Latin musical genres to convey powerful messages about social issues ranging from safe sex to illegal immigration." (Whitney Lewis, Women's Radio) Biography Who is Razteria? Razteria can be described as a fusion of early No Doubt and Sade. Her music unites Reggae, passionate Latin grooves and Rock, powerful messages and musical genius. Described as “musically adventurous” and “a one of a kind breaking of all rules” (C. Foster, Reggae Update,, Razteria’s songwriting reflects her passion and strong commitment to justice. Razteria currently in the studio producing “maZ raZteria”, a sequel to her 2010 production RazteRia, to be released Summer 2012. Check out the single “Addicted” released in mp3 format January 21st, 2012. Razteria has opened for international acts such as popular UK/JA lover’s rock Lloyd Brown and Saritah, Australian world music artist as well as national touring artists Mystic Roots, Caribbean All-Stars and Taj Weekes & Adowa. 2010 Album RazteRia The album titled RazteRia was released live at the Ashkenaz, Berkeley, CA, Sept. 23rd, 2010. Razteria’s album features vocals, music and lyrics by Renée Asteria, vocals by Godelive (an upcoming Congolese American singer) and musicians Waddell Bell (Wadi-B bass), Lou Neuburger (drums), Joe Bressler (keys, RIDDIMBANK) and Luke Thomas (guitar, Eenik, Los Angeles). Feature tunes include: “Risk”/”Risk Remix”, a Reggae tune promoting a message of safe sex and HIV/AIDS prevention featuring international female rap Artist Raw-G on the remix version, “Illegal” a Roots-Reggae, Abyssinians-style tune dedicated to the struggle of immigrants, hypnotic “2-Faced” and “La Baja”. Razteria’s multicultural background (US-born, Bolivian-Dutch heritage) and strong commitment to social justice, have had a profound influence on her musical path. Razteria, performing under her name Renée Asteria, has planted musical seeds throughout the Americas (Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, USA) and Europe (France, Switzerland). Debuting in 2005 in San Francisco, she released her debut album “Renée Asteria”, from which 2 tracks “Curly Black Hair” and “Oblivion” were licensed by MTV’s True Life series. In 2007, Renée Asteria, while working as a research assistant for the University of Buenos Aires, she met Argentinian producer Matias Martyn and produced her first Reggae-infused, bilingual (Spanish, English) album, “Faces of Agent Double E”/ “Caras de Agente Doble E” with tunes “Vinchuca” and “Mosquito”, about Chagas disease and Dengue fever prevention. “Vinchuca” has been used to raise awareness about Chagas disease (“Arte, Ciencia y Chagas: miradas posibles, diálogos necesarios”). It will be re-released on Razteria’s 2012 album “maZ raZteria”. Instrumentation Renée Asteria – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocalist, Composer, Producer Godelive – Lead and Back-up Vocals Waddell Bell – Bass Guitar Lou Neuburger – Drums & Percussion, Dave Eagle – Percussion Luke Thomas – Guitar, Adley Penner – Guitar Joe Bressler – Keys, Darren Batara – Keys Discography maZ raZteria, Asteria Records, 2012 (summer tba) Addicted/There is no End (vinyl single), Asteria Records, 2012 (spring tba) Addicted (mp3, single), Asteria Records, 1/21/12, RazteRia, Asteria Records, 2010, Faces of Agent Double E, Asteria Records, 2007, Radio RSR 1ere (Radio Paradiso, Lausanne, Switzerland), Radio Cité (Geneva), Raspect Radio (Geneva), Frequences Paris Plurielle (Reggae Remedy, Paris), WHUS (Mansfield, CT), WDIY (Allentown, PA), WQNR (Auburn, AL), KVNF (Paonia, CO), WERU (Bar Harbor, ME), KRVM (Eugene, OR), KPCW (Park City, UT), KSLU (New Orleans, LA), KLCC (Eugene, OR), KDNK (Carbondale, CO), WYOU (Williamsburg, VA), KSWI (Atlantic, IA), KPFA (Berkeley, CA), KDRT Roots Hour (Davis, CA), KKUP (Sta Monica, CA), WHUS (Mansfield, CT), KPOO (SF Bay, CA), KPFA 94.1 FM (SF Bay/NorCal, CA), OZCAT Radio (Vallejo, CA), KBOO (Portland Oregon, Rock & Pop FM (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 99.5 Radio Open (Tigre, Argentina), World One Radio, Women's Radio Performances 106.3 FM Reggae Remedy, Argentina, 111 Minna, 169 Bar, 19 Broadway, Ace in the Hole, ACME, Alphabet Lounge, An Beal Bocht Cafe, ANJU Creative Bistro, Ashkenaz, Atlantic City Boardwark, Beale Street, Black Cat, Blakes On Telegraph, Bossa Nova, Cafe Du Nord, Cafe Negril, Cafe Van Kleef, Capitol Garage, Case a Chocs, Caspar Inn, Cato's Ale House, Ceasar's Cafe Channel 15 - Metropolitan Living, Club 6, Club Dread, Cousin Larry's, Culture Skate Shop, Don Hills, Elbo Room, Epic Arts Studios, Expressions, Americana Farmer's Market, Fruitvale Farmers Market, G Street Pub, Galapagos Art Space, Green Tortoise International Hostel, Hotel Bauen, International House Cafe, Ireland 32, Jasper O'Farrells, Kenny's Castaways, La Onda Bajita (KPFA), La Pena Cultural Center, La Solea Dance Cafe, Last Day Saloon, Leopard Lounge, Lions Den, Luna Lounge, Moe's Alley, MoPitkins, MUSICAST, Nomad Cafe, Octopus Lounge, Ozcat Radio, Pena Pachamama, Pier 23 Cafe, Piment Rouge, Purple Onion, Radio Cite Emission Azimut 92.2 FM, Radio Open 99.5 FM, Radio Paradiso, Rasselas Jazz Club, SAM Maguire Irish Pub SAMBAS, San Rafael Street Fair, Scene du Festival - Montreal Jazz Festival 2008, SF State University, SF Sub-Mission, Soluna Lounge, Spike Hill, Sweet Fingers, with Taj Weekes & Adowa (Dolores Brewery, Dulcinea's, International Bay Fest, Santa Fe Brewery, Sierra Nevada Music Festival, Star Bar, Taos Solarfest, The Green Room, Thunder Spring), The Green Room, The New Parish, Time Out Bar, Total Music (Paris), WEBOS TV Links
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