First off, the CPU benchmarks at 13 x Nothing particularly exciting from these results, just that the processor and host chipset are working properly and that the memory controller is functioning very close to peak efficiency which is just under that of more recent DDR chipsets such at the KTA and the TwinBank memory controller in the NVIDIA nForce chipset. The AMD gets a nice performance boost from the overclocked memory controller in the northbridge. Conclusion So what do we think of AMD’s new baby? Intel Core iK – 3. Early x86 bit Am

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AMD Duron 1300 specifications

The processor offers up good performance for xuron price and you can’t expect much more than that. What was the best tech product of ? The Duron line was pin-compatible and operated on the same motherboards as the Athlon line, requiring only a BIOS update in most cases.

Windows Professional was the test operating system. The AMD Duron processor provides practical performance for everyday computing.

We’re expecting similar performance from the new processor to a 1. Next up, the memory benchmark. This item doesn’t 13000 on this page. It offers an ideal combination of features and performance to run all of your PC software and operating systems. Again, we’ll take a peek at the Sandra number to gauge the performance level. Consequently, the Duron inherited the Thunderbird’s reduction in sensitivity to L2 cache size, allowing AMD to make their L2 cache higher latency and lower bandwidth to lessen processor complexity and allow better manufacturing yields without incurring a significant performance loss.


List of AMD Duron microprocessors

It’s fast, with the AMD DDR chipset giving it all the memory bandwidth it could ask for and it’s also fairly cheap now and full of stability, exactly what the value customer is looking for. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Quantispeed is a set of core enhancements over the old Thunderbird core that make the AthlonXP faster than an equally clocked Thunderbird.

The test platform was a system indicative of the target system the processor is likely to be found in. Both processors have kb of L1 Intel’s P4 only sports 8kb of L1! Performance The performance enhancements in the core should balance out the cache size disadvantage the Duron has compared to a Thunderbird CPU with identical clocks and we should see the Duron perform more or less the same.

Duron – Wikipedia

The Duron is not a high end performance processor. Its many forward-thinking features help the AMD Duron processor enable a PC solution for both business and home users.

However, for those that genuinely need the extra performance of a faster processor then the Duron wont make the short list. Conclusion So what do we think of AMD’s new baby? For those people, AMD create the Duron.

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Trending Price New. Inthe “Applebred” Duron was available in 1. The AMD gets a nice performance boost from the overclocked memory controller in the northbridge. This is the beauty of the processor.

Click to find out more. List of AMD Duron microprocessors. Show less Show more. Views Read Edit View history. This means the item has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to full working duroon and is in excellent condition.

As you know from previous Durons, it’s basically an Athlon duon less cache memory, 64kb of L2 unlike kb on the Athlon. Like the “Palomino” core, “Morgan” was also expected to reduce heat dissipation; however in “Morgan”‘s case this did not happen due to its increased core voltage.

Systems based on the AMD Duron processor not only run the software you need, but they boot and load applications quickly, providing an easy computing experience. The Duron brand name was retired insucceeded by the Sempron line of processors as AMD’s budget offering.