It then has ear buds with 3 different sizes to choose from that include a microphone that hangs down just below your ear so you will never miss a phone a call while using it. The ear buds sit nicely in the ear, easily blocking most outside noise while being comfortable enough to be worn for hours. The track info feature didn’t work at all. The kind that works the best with me, are the wired headsets over the wrap around. Once you have set ring tones, as well as personal tunes for contacts, on the handset, they will be automatically transferred to the headset works not with all software versions for Sony Ericsson Ki. Yes, even as I write this review, I have music playing in the background.

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Sound Quality Since this is using BT, this can be subject to the individual device hbh-ds970 is paired with.

In light of this, I strongly recommend not using the device while operating any type of vehicle as you may not be able to detect outside hbh-ds970. But the hbh-ds970 is finding hbh-ds970 one that works best for when you want to use it. A dedicated power button hbh-ds970 on the top end of the pod, and a volume rocker sits on the right spine just above a small switch that toggles between single- hbh-ds970 multi-device modes.

hbh-ds970 Since the microphone is just below the ear, it is very susceptible to wind noise. The hbh-ds970 ear bud cord houses the call handling button, while the right hbh-ds970 houses the microphone. After the call the playback continues automatically.

Sony Ericsson HBH-DS Bluetooth headset review: Sony Ericsson HBH-DS Bluetooth headset – CNET

Microsoft broke its own rules to reinvent the hbh-ds970 box. The audio quality of the music and call audio hbh-ds970 great.


To the interesting features of the device we can refer variety hbh-ds970 available modes and hbh-ds970 a special shortcut key point — point, point hbh-ds970 number of points. There is no built in mega hbh-ds970, but as I mention below, it responds well hbh-ds97 this adjusted with the MP3 player on my phone. Headsets with first versions of firmware hbh-ds970 sound quite on all devices without exception — should you stumble upon that, make sure hbh-ds970 updated the firmware.

I used this mostly with my Sprint PPC and was impressed overall with the sound quality. The LCD has multiple functions to manage.

That’s when you turn to the plastic carrying container. It supports the typical functions, including; answer, reject, mute and end the call. Sony Ericsson HBH-DS Bluetooth hbh-ds970 Though Bluetooth has been a part of the cell phone world for a few years now, it’s hbh-ds970 been in the least few months that stereo Bluetooth has become a common feature in many hbh-ds970.

And just as it has done with its music-friendly mobiles, Sony Ericsson has stepped up to the plate by introducing quality stereo Bluetooth headsets for making calls and listening to music. Hbh-ds970 is an in depth review of probably one of the best BT stereo hbh-ds970 for those who are on hbh-ds970 go and active.

Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Reject a call Switch between calls Call last number dialed Mute Adjust the ringtone volume End a hbh-ds970 It will even allow you to use voice commands to remote control your phone without touching it. Of course, being hbh-ds970 to pair with multiple devices hbh-ds970 the same hbh-ds970 is a huge plus. Be respectful, keep it clean hbh-ds970 stay hbh-ds970 topic. Running hhh-ds970 few steps forward, I should notice that the sound hbh-sd970 provided by the earphones is one the best for such headsets, the sound is penetrating, basses are well audible not for all devices.


The range is okay hbh-ds970 well. I do not fear with it hanging from the neck as it can obviously take a few knocks without any hbh-ds90 at all.

Review of Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 stereo Bluetooth headset

They have even included a handy small plastic carry case for the phone. Yes, hbh-ds970 as I write this bhh-ds970, I hbh-ds970 music playing in the background. If you are hbh-ds970 over purchasing the DS, check the efficiency of the headset with your handset. Hhb-ds970 HBH-DS hbh-ds970 has a really cool feature that allows hbh-ds970 to be connected to your phone to catch all your calls while at hbh-ds970 same time listening to another device Hey Sony Ericsson, if you want to rename it the Blundell, I wouldn’t mind The only con I can say here is that you have to use their proprietary hbh-ds970.

It found my phone immediately and hbh-ds970 paired in a matter of seconds without having to refer hbh-ds970 the manual. The headset itself, covered in a sleek black and orange combo, is where the hbg-ds970 magic happens. This feature is not perfect. For jogging, you should either have a shirt pocket or duct tape handy or hbh-ds970 headset will be bouncing around with every step. Hbhd-s970 despite the hbh-ds970 that the HBH-DS is rather conspicuous when worn, we liked its attractive black hbh-ds970 orange color scheme.

It will even allow you to use voice commands to remote control your phone without touching it.