The shape and configuration of the Imacon Photo is unusual because rather than use the folded optics using mirrors between the scan surface and the CCD array, Imacon puts this entire path in a straight line, somewhat like a darkroom enlarger in reverse, creating a uniquely tall overall shape. That process and that time and that film needs – deserves – a fitting denouement. The Flextight X5 is the top model in the Flextight scanner series providing the best of all worlds. This is exactly like re-scanning but without the need for the film original to be present. I believe that having a PC and using the PC version of the software may have been part of the problem.

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Things We Love: Imacon Flextight 646 Film Scanner

Ready for Your Close-Up?: Rated 5 out of 5 by Jeff from Simply Superlative Scanner Yes, it’s so expensive that it literally umacon your breath away. Colorflex can be used either as an automated color imqcon scanning procedure that is fully customizable to adjust the image dynamic range including the amount of gamut clipping and gamma output, as well as to turn on or off automatic color caste removal.

There’s no longer much in the way of prosumer scanner middle ground. Naturally, the extraordinary scanning speed of the Flextight X5 plays a key part in increasing your productivity.

When the scan is begun the transport pulls the holder onto a drum-shaped support. This along with the very effective automated adjustment capabilities of Colorflex makes the entire system very efficient to use supporting the acquisition of a high number of scanned images within a limited space of time.

RAW files store light information arriving directly from the subject. The Flextight X5 is the top model in the Flextight scanner series providing the best of all worlds.


About the Imacon 949 Flextight Film Scanner

Your valuable originals are never out of your custody and you are the one who decides when to do what and how. The technology in the is as good as, if not better than, the now re-branded Hasselblad X5 machines.

Or for emailing to your parents. Some were steeply downward-looking. I bought the X1 because of the “virtual drum” and the superb lens which I believed would keep sharpness excellent across the scan. My eye for quality svanner became more refined, and I expected more out of my imagery.

The Epson will do fine for getting you a digital image you can share on Facebook. Colorflex also contains a full set of accessible manual image adjustment tools, including a new feature which enhances shadow detail more effectively than either adjusting gamma or shaping the characteristic curve. Hasselblad Flextight X1 specs.

Things We Love: Imacon Flextight Film Scanner | B&H Explora

I had crash problems as well as settings being dropped unpredictably and learned to keep backups of my Flexcolor user settings. The Imacon Colorflex software supports Macintosh and MS Windows operating systems, providing a flexible and powerful set of tools easily customized to meet a variety of work input and output requirements.

The FlexHolder holding system allows production speed without excessive heat. The Flexcolor software that operates the scanner and allows work with 3F files was a major disappointment. I had no previous experience with a Flextight scanner but had done thousands of scans on lesser machines in the mid-late s. Scans from this machine are the best I have ever seen from a Scanner.

The Imacon Flextight Photo Scanner | Shutterbug

The Imacon Flextight Photo captured the fine detail in scannfr full range of tones and rendered the unusual coloration of this just after dusk exposure with extreme fidelity. But to realize that excellence requires starting with an outstanding file.


From every perspective the qualities captured from film by the Imacon Photo excel in every dimension of quality whether it is fidelity to the colors of the original to the sharp definition of detail across the entire tone range, from one corner to the other of every image. Flextight X1 Scanner is rated 4.

The Imacon film holder’s unique design, combined with the little light table loading platform, makes using the Imacon Photo superbly easy and efficient. This is exactly the same process as drum scanners such as Howtek, Tango etc. The combination of the electronic image handling of the sensor, the device’s mechanical precision, the quality of the sensor filters, and the resolving power of the Rodenstock lens are what set it apart.

This Scanner is the one. The cylindrical merging and blending can cause a range of compromises visible at higher resolutions but at low and moderate resolutions the images usually are eye-friendly even if they are not technically perfect.

Almost all the scans were strips of six so I mostly used a 6-frame strip holder. The need to send it to your nearest Hasselblad dealer for maintenance or repair shipping a 70lb box containing a device no one else can understand through customs isn’t always easy.