Help us get samples! I don’t know about 3D, but I’ll try to give it a touch-test the next time I have a 3D app running. We’ll see later if this has any impact on benchmark performance. This seems a little warm to me. I trust Ed more than I trust myself, sometimes. I don’t have your card and you don’t have mine; as you pointed out, they’re different cards, not just by model number but also by features. The bridge chip didn’t get any airflow with the original fan, whereas it gets a slight breeze with the 80mm fan.

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I’ll first try different drivers and a different PC before giving up on the card. Mon Jan 10, 6: I’ll drop the fan to 6V and continue testing. First few nights I spent just getting the software to not crash involved doing some crazy stuff to my Flash plugin and then when it worked, it received pretty much nothing from the video card, and despite my fudging with drivers of all sorts finally fell back to trying two different MSi-released versions of the ForceWarethe stupid software just wouldn’t listen to my card.

I trust Ed more than I trust myself, sometimes.

The heatsink warmed up quickly, and within 10 minutes it was too hot to touch comfortably for more than a few seconds at a time. With the fan at nx6600gtv-td128, I sometimes see stray polygons.


MSI NX6600GT GeForce 6600 GT (AGP 8x, 128MB)

Users browsing this forum: No artifacts after 30 minutes of play time, so it gets a tentative thumbs-up from me! Beginners Guides Cases and Access.

Maybe if you’re going over the card’s texture memory limit and have to fall back on the AGP aperture, msii may happen, but few games currently do that. Well, here’s what my eyes show me: An update on the card’s stability: Both of these symptoms could be due to things other than heat: I suppose it’s possible that vsync is the cause of the problem, but I doubt nx6600yt-vtd128. Page 1 of 1.

MSI NXGT-VTD GDDR3 graphics card | Computers | Buy online in South Africa from

I wouldn’t have nxx6600gt-vtd128 this with the GT, a card that can generate 50Wexcept the nx6600gt-td128 of this card’s heatsink really surprised me and I thought it might be able to handle such a mod. I switched to the alternate provided rectangular heat-sink base and it worked fine. Do you have a suggestion for one who does not have the rubber nubs you’ve used?

That copper cooler is probably g. For example, it’s incompatible with my Samsung Spinpoint hard drives I’m using a Promise controller and with the Netgear Fast Ethernet card.


How hot does it get relative to the main heatsink?

MSI NXGT-VTD Geforce GT AGP Videocard Review –

Sat Dec 29, 3: Mon Jan 10, For example, they’ll appear in a 3D game and I can walk around in the map, and the odd triangle moves appropriately: I like your solution for its nx6600gt-tvd128 and cheapness but I want to make sure I can secure the fan appropriately before buying the components. Could you imagine a dual-slot cooler in the first days of the GeForce? It’s probably a slight incompatibility with my motherboard About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Tue Jan 11, 9: Mon Jan 10, 2: This seems a little warm to me.

Sat Jan 08, 9: When it comes to bundling goodies with their hardware, MSI is tough to beat.

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I already outlined how much time and energy I’ve spent trying to get the temp. I think I’ll see how noisy it is. Sat Jan 08, 5: