Technical Tips and Answers. If you have 5 megabytes of RAM, then you need at least 7. Ask if their drive is double spaced, make sure they selected the correct host drive to set the VM. This driver has to be upgraded. SuperScript printer does not print from Microsoft Word Windows 3. Check EP cartridge for broken tab, tab is located left side. May have to add more Ram to computer to get the Virtual Memory increased.

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WordPerfect by default uses WordPerfect drivers. Getting paper empty message all the time from SuperScript print manager.

Printer not designed for Windows NT, only Windows 3. Connected to Cirrus Pentium with 80 x nec superscript 860 million colors getting cir. Defrag hard drive set VM settings to none first then run defrag. SuperScript printing dark streak down page. Clear the paper jam and try the following: The SuperScript and series printers are not repairable nec superscript 860 local dealers or repair centers, they are depot repairable at NEC.

The procesor doesn’t support Windows. Nec superscript 860 on the CPU. If this does not work call for technical support. For more information on virtual memory in Windows, refer to the Microsoft Windows 3. Under print to the following port select lpt1 and click on Apply.


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Incomplete pages may be printed when printing a complex image or longer documents. If image shifting to right continues Call for service call Check for any torn pieces of paper remaining in the paper path from a supsrscript paper jam. Missing part of line every other printed line with the SuperScript printer. nec superscript 860

Return Suprescript cartridge to dealer for replacement. Door keeps popping open on printer. Printing from Beyond mail, send job to printer no action or error. When a job is sent to print, the application exits the Window printing system and spools directly from DOS. For example, if your system has 4 megabytes of RAM, then you must allocate at least 8. Nec superscript 860 Windows does not let you allocate the required amount of space, check to make sure you have enough room on your hard disk drive.

No the printer requires the following: Getting power off or cable disconnected error. And it’s very sensitive to noise and static electricity. Check with the nec superscript 860 company and check if the toner they are using is capable of withstanding degrees F for.

New Drivers  WACOM PTZ 431W DRIVER


NEC does not support this format. Will the SuperScript printers support Epson control nec superscript 860 Can the SuperScript printers be connected to multiple PC systems, through a mechanical or electronic switching device. You can change this through the Control Panel, following the steps described below. Shut down Nec superscript 860 supersfript restart.

Installed SuperScript software and now Windows will not restart. Trying to install software Windows 3.

Repair the printer give TA and transfer to service. The blinking green light is normal, the printer is in the ready mode, waiting for data from CPU.