To exclude a word, precede it with a “-“, as follows: Even if you were able to install an old version of RSLinx Classic, the driver will not work. If so, I can probably do something about that. Hey no prob, glad I could help. Also, if power management engages while using the PIC driver, the COM port resources may be completely inaccessible until a system reboot. Please read those terms and conditions carefully. Please log in and try again.

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Why the Allen-Bradley (A-B) 1747-PIC always had trouble working in Microsoft Windows

I have the RSLinx Lite 3. The time now is If so, I can probably do something about that. Last edited rdlinx Mickey; June 5th, at June 5th, I started using this file a couple of months ago and it works great. Your subscription request is being processed. By Mike Davis on 15 March, – 9: Not a major, just something that some people have not seen before so are not aware of.


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Switch to Threaded Mode. Meaning if the patch is applied and you run his executable, it will tell you that and offer a way to revert back to the SP3 files.

1747-pic/aic+ driver not found

It is the windows testing error, so normal as you state. It doesn’t look the prettiest because I’m lazy and not too creative.

Mike You did not specifically mention the protocol you are trying to use, and the rwlinx you mentioned could be part of two different architectures. December 18th, Relinx issues are not necessarily problems with the PC or software, but most commonly, they are features of newer PC hardware and software that interfere with the operation of the PIC driver.

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Even if you were able to install an old version of RSLinx Classic, the driver will not work. What operating system are you using.

It took me a few searches to find this thread so I thought I’d post to bump it up. I’m sure that Forum members who have one can comment on that. If you want happiness for a month- get married.


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Simple answer is you can not do it I have spent a long long time trying. Please read this important info!!! Infrared ports commonly share resources with the COM ports on the system, thus they prevent the PIC driver from obtaining and using all required resources.

Dustin’s utility will put it back the way it was if it doesn’t work. Please click here to register! Find More Posts by Josh Ellis. This will only be applicable in a Windows NT or environment.

Added additional information which is not specified in the link.