At least when call or email for support to get it replaced, you can give them all the diagnostic stuff and say what you’ve tried already and pinned it down to rear left. Pointless for trying to hear if people are in front or behind you!! It’s best to simply forgo using the decoder completely. I did like you said, the old headphones work whenever I click Rear left and Rear right. How can this be explained?!

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To get surround in your headset run the digital optic wire from TV to transmitter instead of from xbone to transmitter.

How to enable Creative Sound Card? Ya sounds like if swapping the cables, and doing the optical, you only don’t get rear txtic, it’s the headphones itself. The sound is amazing even tho xbox one dont support dolby digital yet. Pinhedd Jan 14,8: Show More Show Less.

I have to go back to stone age headphoens until I get this situation sorted. Game sound and chat volume can be set separately and individually adjusted; so gaming partners will be able to hear you clearly and precisely at all times, then with the voice volume control you can determine how loud you want to hear your chat partner.


I hate things with an adapter shakoon that, makes fixing or replacing a pain. Basically I bought the Sharkoon Xtatic 5. Its like surround sound but sort of made up.

Warranty & Support

My Sharkoon X-Tatic 5. See all 3 new other listings. I heard the adapters were only going to be for select headsets. Overview Gallery Video Awards Downloads. It would be the same “digital” surround sound that hte Xbox can put tou. Subscribe to our newsletter.

I am using the Optical output now, and playing Battlefield 3. Could the cable you are connect the rear channel with be a mono cable?

Sharkoon X-Tatic Digital Headphones

I ran mine from my Sony surround sound system to the transmitter, works great. Check out my Youtube!

The item may be missing the original packaging such as the original ssharkoon or bag sharkooon tags or in the original packaging but not sealed. I’ve spent a respectable amount of money things are more expensive here to get true surround sound and I either don’t know how to set it up or something’s wrong with my computer.


Good to know all drivers in the speakers work. I did bypass the SCU and the result is that the rear-left channel is not working. Your sound card has the necessary 3. An optical audio output offers the possibility, for example, to connect an amplifier to the SCU.

Sharkoon X-Tatic 5.1 Silver/Black Headband Headsets

Hello, I have a problem setting up my surround sound system. And they,arnt allowed idgital sell adapter as a standalone product. Windows 7 and creative soundblaster live!

The optical connector is only useful for connecting to a game console such as the XBox or PS3 which often have only stereo or optical. The adapter is coming out soon anyways so i’ll just wait.

But yeah I have a XP for the and have no idea how to get the mic part to work as its wireless I really, sincerely and genuinely thank you for your help. Thanks for the information.